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Search Engine Ads Becoming Less Useful

Updated: May 1, 2022

A Breakdown of the most important news of the week for marketers.

Very important news for anyone doing advertising online. As you know, search assistants like Google Assistant and Siri are replacing people searching in browsers for information. This means your search engine ads will become less useful as this trend continues. So what can you do about it?

It appears that Google is working on that problem, putting ads in Google Assistant. Take a look at this screenshot from Search Engine Land. This could be the future of ads on the platform. The move comes as Google says its Assistant is now on as many as one billion devices.

LinkedIn is launching its own live streaming video service. Called LinkedIn Live, the service will be aimed at delivering the kind of content that aligns with LinkedIn’s userbase. Which means a focus on business, technology, and people who want to network. LinkedIn Live will offer both individuals and organizations the chance to broadcast live to the world. LinkedIn is eyeing up tech conferences, product announcements, and earnings calls as the kind of content suitable for LinkedIn Live.

LinkedIn isn’t doing this alone. Microsoft, which acquired LinkedIn in 2016, is providing the encoding through Azure Media Services. LinkedIn has also partnered with established broadcasting services including Wirecast, Switcher Studio, Socialive, and Brandlive.

Instagram is trying to give it’s Instagram TV a boost. They’re now integrating IGTV preview videos into its flagship feed to get more people to the new longer-form hub.

So now, if you follow someone who’s posted a new video on IGTV, a preview, up to one minute in length, could appear in their main feed. That prods them to check out the clip before they go over to IGTV to watch it in full. IGTV content can be 10 minutes max for most users, and up to 60 minutes for verified accounts. IGTV is inside Instagram. But it’s also its own standalone app.

Facebook users can now see how advertisers and third parties are using their contact information to target ads for them on Facebook. People will have a clearer view into relationships between the advertiser and any third parties that might have access to their data. With these new disclosures comes greater accountability for advertisers, agencies and Facebook Marketing Partners targeting users with lists of contact data.

Apple is targeting the Spring for the launch of a new streaming service. The company is focused on making the experience of watching video content seamless for customers. Letting them choose different shows without having to authenticate passwords. The new service could become a central hub for subscription plans. The service could be unveiled during an upcoming event in April or May.


This article was written by Christopher Michael McHugh. Mr. McHugh is a producer, media analyst, marketer and the owner of McQ Marketing Group. For consulting, public speaking, interview or other inquiries, please text or call 203-689-3419 or email

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