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Big Increase in People Watching News on YouTube

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

A 75% jump in people watching the news on YouTube in the past few weeks. That’s according to YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan in a Bloomberg TV interview. Around the same time, YouTube adding a new button on its homepage that showcasing news videos about coronavirus. The video-sharing platform has been playing whack a mole with thousands of videos that it says were spreading fake news about coronavirus. Some of those videos include a conspiracy theory about how the virus is spread by 5G. Oh, some people’s kids. Lemme tell you.


This article was written by Christopher Michael McHugh. Mr. McHugh is a producer, media analyst, marketer and the owner of McQ Marketing Group. For consulting, public speaking, interview or other inquiries, please text or call 203-689-3419 or email

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