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NBCU Launches Peacock Premium Service

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

The new Peacock service starts its launch on Comcast. It will then expand to Cox.

NBCU is going all the way! They’re going to launch Peacock Premium for only Comcast subscribers today. That’s if you’re unlucky enough to be a Comcast subscriber. The new Peacock channel is set to launch on Cox on July 15th. Boy that sounded dirty! The new service has already been screwed with the Summer Olympics getting pushed back to next year. But have no fear, the original series Brave New World and the Psych movie should drop in July. But you may have to wait a bit longer for your Punky Brewster and Saved By The Bell reboots. NBCU says Peacock will launch with 15,000 hours of content. That’s about 500 episodes of 30 Rock in case you were wondering. So how much is it going to cost? It ranges from free to about ten bucks per month depending where you get it from and if you want commercials or not. Peacock says it’s only have about five minutes of commercials or less per hour. So I guess we get to watch a screen that says “we’ll be right back” for the rest of the time they need to fill in between episodes of Two and a Half Men.

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