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Editing a Show Into Multiple Segments

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

There are two types of content. Long form and short form. These days, it can make sense to record long form content, but the break it up, or unbundle it, to create multiple short form videos. Let’s use an online YouTube talk show with three topics that will last longer than 10 minutes as an example.

The efficient part of unbundling is that your show can be easily broken into three segments, but it can also run completely linear, all three segments all the way through. So when you pre-produce your show, make sure that their are natural break points in between segments so that the three segments are easy to break apart. One of the keys to make the editing easy can simply be pausing verbally in between segments. This give you or your editor space to edit the segments.

But these segments would lack a clear beginning middle and end if you don’t have intros and outros for each segment. You want to connect with your audience and leave them fulfilled. Part of that is greeting them, giving them the content they want, then wrapping up.

If you simply filmed all of the segments all of the way through, then the first segment would have an intro, but no outro. The second segment would have a true intro or outro. And the third and final segment would not have an intro, but it would have an outro.

So how could you pre-produce a long form show and have it be ready be easily chopped up in the editing process with as little work as possible–ready to be delivered in three segments? The key is scripting the host’s intros and outros.

In the example below, You see that we put the word pause where we will create an edit point for segment one’s short form outro. By having the host pause for one second, we are able to create an edit point for the long form. So in the long version, viewers won’t see the host read the last part of the first segment’s outro. Instead, the editor can edit a transition wipe, interstitial with a sound effect or they can add some B-roll, which means that the outro will be completely covered with video footage at the end, so there’s no jump cut between the host’s outro and the intro they read for segment two. Another option is to put the B-roll into a smaller box on the right hand side while the outro is being read with the host in a box on the left hand side. Then, when the editor cuts to the intro for the next segment, it will be hard for the audience to notice it was a jump cut, unless the host’s positioning in the shot is drastically different from the outro to the segment two intro.


Segment 1: Lifestyle Issues

Intro: Hi. I’m Dana Garrett. Lifestyle issues are so important to your wellness. And in many cases, lifestyle choices are even a bigger factor in your health than genetics.

  • Talk about how one can make sure you have proper nutrition.

  • Talk about how exercise can better your wellness.

  • Talk about how stress and alcohol are important “lifestyle choices.”

Read Question from Kayla: How important is getting enough sleep when it comes to lifestyle choices?

Outro: So even getting enough shut eye is an important lifestyle choice. (PAUSE) Thanks for joining me on The Healthy Lifestyle Talk Show. I’m Dana Garrett. See you next time.


So for segment two, the host will once again say her name. But she’ll pause for a second before she reads the rest of the intro. That pause will be where the beginning of segment two will start for the long form. And to end out segment two, the outro will have another pause for a second. This, once again, gives the end point to edit for the long form, after the host says, “... back and neck problem.” However in the segment two short form, you will keep the whole outro into to give the segment a nice close.


Segment 2: Beyond the Neck and Back

Intro: Hi. I’m Dana Garrett. (PAUSE) Chiropractors can treat for a wide range of issues that extend beyond the back and neck.

  • Talk about how chiropractors can help with muscle and joint problems.

  • Talk about chiropractors can help with IBS, due to a herniated disc.

  • Talk about how with misalignments they create immobility in the way joints move.

  • Talk about how immobility creates inflammatory chemicals that can create degenerative arthritis

  • Talk about how restoring the integrity of the nervous system can help the body heal.

Read Question from Alissa: My child suffers from colic and ear infections. Can a chiropractor help with that?

Outro: As you can see, there’s a lot more to being a chiropractor then dealing with back and neck problems. (PAUSE) Thanks for joining me on The Healthy Lifestyle Talk Show. I’m Dana Garrett. See you next time.


For the final segment, a host pause is added to the intro. That way the editor can chop off the “Hi. I’m Dana Garrett.” for the long form. And the same editing techniques can be used to segway into segment three.

For the outro we have scripted something very neutral, so the outro can be used for both the long and the short form videos.


Segment 3: Drugs and the Media

Intro: Hi. I’m Dana Garrett. (PAUSE) Pharmaceutical advertising has a huge effect on our society. But just because you saw it on TV doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

  • Talk about how big pharma isn’t searching for cures for cancer or autoimmune diseases. Instead, they create medications that have side effects. Then make medications to alleviate the side effects.

  • Talk about how the big pharma advertising affects our children.

  • Talk about how aspirin doesn’t stop the cause of the headache, it just covers it up.

  • Talk about Gabe’s eardrum rupturing and how you used colloidal silver, lomatium and osha root.

Read Question from Loni: Where are good places to find information on alternative medicine and therapies.

Outro: So there’s plenty of places to get some great information on alternative medicine and therapies. Thanks so much for joining me. I’m Dana Garrett. See you next time.


Whether you are producing a video podcast, YouTube talk show or any time of online talk show or broadcast, a little extra pre-production and simple editing can make a big difference when it comes to turning your long videos into great short-form video clips.


This article was written by Christopher Michael McHugh. Mr. McHugh is a producer, media analyst, marketer and the owner of McQ Marketing Group. For consulting, public speaking, interview or other inquiries, please text or call 203-689-3419 or email

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