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The Future of Media

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Will the grade schoolers and middle schoolers walk away from the niche based content that’s popular on YouTube? Or will they rebel against polished, generalized long-form content and stick with the narrow topics they love?

The 2008 financial crisis sped up the disarray of print and television as the two continue to be sucked into the online world. That dynamic meant chaos for those working anywhere near the media world. One of the biggest problems has been the ad dollars spread all over the place. For years, the transition has been somewhat similar to when television got popular and started to suck the life out of other mediums. We had stability for decades, but the Internet threw a wrench into that. We’ve had years of chaos. But my gut, that usually just tells me that I’m hungry, now says that everything is starting to consolidate again. Normalize if you will. Back to the way it used to be. The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was the recent news that Viacom was buying Pluto TV. A while ago, I might have thought that the joke was on large media corporations, and that Pluto TV was a dark horse that was going to snatch up great content with its amazing UI and give the media giants a run for their money. Not the case anymore.

Just do a Google news search. Good luck finding a story from a website that isn’t owned by big media. And good for big media. You’re winning.

But remember when we had hope that we could get our news from unique and diverse smaller operations. They used to be called blogs and the like. Google got rid of its blog search a long time ago.

And remember when YouTube was new and fresh and YouTube TV’s cable TV service was unthinkable?

So what’s next? You’ve got a something like a generation of people who have been watching YouTube because it’s free niche content. But now they’ve got their Netflix, Hulu and their “free” Amazon Prime video app a finger tap away from YouTube.

So will the grade schoolers and middle schoolers let their fingers do the walking and walk away from the public access, niche based content that’s popular on YouTube? Or will they rebel against polished, generalized long-form content and stick with the narrow topics they love?

Those older than them did away with books, newspapers and magazines as the media of choice. So which one will be on deathwatch next? YouTube content or movies and long form “TV”?

Or maybe the dark horses are LiveMe and YouNow. In my last episode, I talked about how everything is just a poor substitute for face-to-face interaction. LiveMe and YouNow, or old school versions of this type of live interaction like CUSeeMe, are the closest we’ve come to being face to face.


This article was written by Christopher Michael McHugh. Mr. McHugh is a producer, media analyst, marketer and the owner of McQ Marketing Group. For consulting, public speaking, interview or other inquiries, please text or call 203-689-3419 or email

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